Authenticating identities where passwords are meaningless

Nitromia Quantum Lock: Authentication Service

Nitromia leverages both blockchain technology as well as zero knowledge cryptography in order to protect users’ information. In doing so, we provide secure and interoperable verification which is easily accessible from any device and credentials are impossible to breach owing to our quantum-safe algorithms.

The Quantum Lock replaces the username and password with a much more secure authentication method. Our solution protects both the user as well as the server. We protect the user by not revealing his credentials to the public network. Unlike common authentication methods which require the server to know the user’s private credentials, the Quantum Lock allows the user to prove they own their credentials, without revealing any information about them.

In addition, the password that the user creates should be a weak password that can be easily remembered. The purpose of this is so that the credentials do not need to be managed or written down. This also assists in solving poor password habits and degraded user experience.

We protect the server because not only does it not hold any of the credentials centrally, but it does not do the actual authentication itself. Therefore, if a malicious individual attempted to hack a server they would only get useless information.

Nitromia itself does not hold any credentials at all, therefore attempting to hack Nitromia would also prove useless.  

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be added on top of our Quantum Lock to enhance the user’s experience and provide the relevant protection for every use case. 

Using the Quantum Lock, one can authenticate customers, employees as well as other users across multiple devices including desktop computers, mobile phones, web and more. 

Owing to the use of a decentralized database, our technology enables the prevention of attacks and malicious activity, usually aimed at centralized authentication systems.

Key Features:

Prevent mass breach

Server no longer holds credentials centrally

Reduce the risk of attacks
Removal of liability of leaked credentials
Reduce fraud

Credential stuffing, brute force and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks are no longer possible

Better user experience
User no longer needs to maintain complex passwords to ensure safety
Easy integration
Using simple RESTful API and SDK for any environment such as cloud, on-premise or hybrid

Nitromia Quantum Lock Technology

The Quantum Lock is uniquely based on a single-use compiler and program which has a one-to-one relation, and only proves that a credential is valid, without revealing any information about the credential itself.

This cryptographic algorithm is based on Zero-Knowledge Proof, Secret Sharing, and Multi-Party Computation so no information can be leaked.

In addition, credentials are never stored centrally and there is no master key mechanism, therefore wide scale breaches are eliminated entirely.

This technology allows users to own their authentication data without revealing it while enabling online servers to authenticate without storing and protecting sensitive information centrally.

The Nitromia solution can protect ANY value transaction on legacy or quantum-based systems. This means, complete peace of mind and speedy deployment of secure, hacker-proof encryption technology without the need to replace underlying infrastructure should it be outdated.

How It Works?

Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) is a method of cryptography that enables one party to prove that they know a given secret without revealing what that secret is i.e a password or key. ZKPs use one-way cryptographic functions. This is done in order to confirm the ownership of the secret and cannot be used to reveal the secrets as the secret itself never leaves its source. The Quantum Lock offers superior security and privacy than existing password hashing that is used on many online systems today. Owing to the fact that proofs can be generated dynamically with only the user’s secret, Nitromia’s solution does not require a stored and allows users to authenticate from any device or medium. The Quantum Lock protocol immutably stores public information on a blockchain (which is impossible to extract secrets from), so that they can be shared but not tampered with.

The Nitromia solution can protect ANY value transaction on legacy or quantum-based systems.This means, complete peace of mind and speedy deployment of secure, hacker-proof encryption technology without the need to replace underlying infrastructure should it be outdated.

Nitromia’s algorithm validates transactions (reaches consensus) without revealing any content. This means that the transaction details are completely hidden and inaccessible by anyone who is not involved in the transaction itself. While the trade is completely concealed from threats, it can still be audited and regulated based on current and emerging governing regulations. This makes Nitromia the ideal solution to any organization that requires future-fit cyber-security that plugs into any system.

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