Data Protection

Data Protection

Keeping important data and data analytics results encrypted at all times

Nitromia DBencrypt: Data Protection Service

Nitromia’s DBencrypt breakthrough technology leverages the power of Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Secret Sharing and Zero Knowledge Proofs, to provide unrivaled, end-to-end, enterprise-level data protection. DBencrypt addresses all of the vulnerabilities detailed above (and more) by keeping important data and data analytics results encrypted at all times.

Key Features:

Run AI & analytics directly on encrypted data

Business insights can be extracted and sensitive data can be analyzed while remaining hidden and secure

Algorithms are database agnostic

Protect sensitive data while it is at rest, in transit, under analysis and when it is appears in analytics results

Facilitates the sharing of datasets

Both for analytical or commercial purposes while keeping all sensitive information protected

Enables full compliance with regulations

Does not require users to decrypt, anonymize or de-identify private and confidential information

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