Unlocking the power of fully homomorphic encryption for financial institutions

Why Nitromia?

Imagine a world where you can extract insights from your data and
perform advanced analytics without worrying about data leakage, attacks
and compliance. With Nitromia’s fully homomorphic cryptography,
companies perform advanced data science and computations at minimum risk with zero exposure for data at rest and in transit.

The Platform

Based on cutting edge fully homomorphic technology, Nitromia’s enablement
platform empowers data scientists to run artificial intelligence and machine learning
analytics directly on encrypted data. With Nitromia, business insights are extracted and
sensitive data is analyzed, all while remaining hidden and secure. Built on the pillars of
security, privacy and compliance, the revolutionary platform enables complex
calculations and predictive analytics in real time. With Nitromia, financial institutions
can finally fully utilize their data with zero risk.


Evolving user demands and regulatory requirements are driving transformation in the
financial sector. Once a siloed industry, financial services has become an
interconnected, digitized ecosystem where banks and third-party organizations are
required to connect and collaborate. While these new methods may benefit the end
user, we are met with new threats and vulnerabilities for our personal data and for
financial institutions. Nitromia enables financial institutions to fully utilize data with
minimal risk across a variety of use cases including data sharing, 3rd party integration,
AML, fraud detection and more.

Use Cases

About Us

Nitromia was founded by leading experts in the field of fully homomorphic cryptography and the banking industry. Nitromia aims to serve financial institutions that want to fully utilize their data without security risks.