Unrivaled End-to-End Data
Protection Technology

Introducing an unparalleled security and privacy solution that enables quantum-safe data protection

Our Vision and Mission

Nitromia’s vision is to provide complete and
safe privacy to anyone.

We focus on enabling businesses to easily integrate privacy solutions into their own existing systems.

Why Quantum Protection
is important today?

When Quantum computers will be eventually available, current authentication methods will be outdated and a useless against many threats. 

In addition, implementing an authentication solution is a long term move that should not be done often.

If something is Quantum Safe it means that is not based on any mathematical patterns and therefore cannot be broken by existing technologies or GPU/ASIC utilisation.

Nitromia Quantum Solutions

Nitromia DBencrypt

Nitromia’s DBencrypt breakthrough technology leverages the power of Homomorphic Encryption, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Secret Sharing and Zero Knowledge Proofs, to provide unrivaled, end-to-end, enterprise-level data protection.

Nitromia Quantum Lock

Nitromia Quantum Lock Authentication Service is based on blockchain and provides authentication using advanced protective algorithms such as Zero-Knowledge Proof and Secret Sharing, which provide the user’s identity without exposing their credentials over the network.

Nitromia Quantum Messaging

Nitromia Quantum Message enables individuals to send encrypted data over a public network in the form on a transaction the blockchain. This way, both the sending and receiving party are unknown and the content being shared between themselves is private and secure and only viewable by the recipient.

Nitromia Quantum Key Store

Nitromia Quantum Key Store enables the storing of only a portion of a key. The key is only completed when it needs to be used by having the user provide additional information to activate the key without exposing it.

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