Job Description

Experience with at least two of the following core privacy/security
data anonymization, differential privacy, homomorphic encryption,
secure multi-party computation, federated learning, trusted execution
environments, data minimization and management


  • Implement cryptography algorithms from academic publications.
  • dentify weaknesses in existing cryptography systems with a view to making them more secure.
  • Test cryptology theories in practice.
  • Develop encryption technologies.
  • Develop novel crypto-systems and protocols while studying and learning from existing ones.
  • Work with the development team on turning the research into implementations.


  • MS or PhD degree in Computer Science or Math with an emphasis on developing and implementing cryptographic protocols, or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience in C++ / Python.
  • Experience with ML platforms such as Tensorflow / PyTorch - an advantage.
  • Excellent English spoken, written communication and documentation skills, with an approachable and user-friendly style.
  • Experience contributing to research communities and/or efforts, including publishing papers at conferences - an advantage.
  • Knowledge in cryptography and mathematics - an advantage.
  • A good grasp of cryptanalysis - an advantage.
  • A good grasp of cryptographic security systems and their related algorithms.

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